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Emmanuelle Beaumes, Avocate à la Cour | French independent lawyer, Business Litigation, Paris & London

Representative cases

Representing Quantum Capital Partners, an international investment company based in Germany, in a sensitive 3-million Euro commercial litigation case in relation to a pricing dispute and fairness in business relationships between stakeholders operating in the aviation industry, in which Emmanuelle put forward the relevant arguments and convinced the Court to reject all the claims made against her client.

Assisting MAST, a UK risk management and security company, with a positive result in an urgent international commercial litigation case involving assets located in France and in the UK.

Advising and assisting an international luxury hotel group in the negotiation in relation to the extension and refurbishment of two 5-star palaces in Paris. In order to meet her client’s objectives of maintaining good business relationships with parties impacted by the works to come, Emmanuelle successfully led the negotiation and managed to have all the parties involved reach a settlement agreement to avoid litigation.

Assisting Bavaria Industriekapital AG, a German holding company that invests interests in distressed companies, in a complex post-acquisition investigation which required an outstanding amount of energy and work due to which Emmanuelle obtained a favourable decision.

Acting with great results for the former director of a start-up company against the individual who purchased the said company. The sale of the start-up led to a couple of post-acquisition litigation cases in relation to banking law, corporate law and real estate law. Although all the cases looked prima facie, from a factual and legal perspective, not very positive, Emmanuelle convinced the three different Courts to rule in favour of her client.

Handling for R+V Versicherung AG, a German insurance and re-insurance company, numerous long-running separate but interlocked complex commercial and criminal cases. In these cases, proceedings were initiated against a former broker who embezzled a considerable amount of money.

Assisting and representing, with an outstanding outcome, a leading Italian company operating in the design and manufacture of automatic palletising processes, in a 1-million Euro breach of contract Court action. In this case, not only did Emmanuelle demonstrate that the initial claim was ill-founded, but also she fought and obtained that the Court appoints an expert to lead an in-depth investigation and identify and assess the technical issues as well as the roles of each party in the manufacturing process.

Successfully representing Monster Inc., a US company that manufactures and markets audio and video cables, in a case in which the opponent, a French distributor, was claiming 2.6 million Euro on the initial grounds of an alleged unlawful termination of established commercial relationships. Emmanuelle won the case all the way up to the Court of Appeal of Paris. She convinced the Judges to entirely follow her substantive reasoning based on the rules of Conflict of laws and Conflicts of jurisdictions.

Representing a Canadian forest products company in a multi-party Court-ordered investigation and litigation case relating to the manufacturing and shipping of a paper production line involving an amount of 93 million Euro. As a result of Emmanuelle’s analysis of the case and demonstration, the Court decided in her client’s favour and ruled that they were not liable for any of the alleged contractual breaches that were claimed by the other parties to the case.

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